Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Download InternetTV 8.1 free

Download InternetTV 8.1 free

InternetTV is a program that allows you to tune in to television channels around the world, about 5000 channels, much more than can be obtained through any cable or satellite system.

The different TV stations that can be seen with this program are free, that is to say it is not necessary to pay any type of fee or subscription, being totally free. The only requirement is a PC or Laptop, without the need for any additional hardware, and obviously an internet connection with a good bandwidth.

The channel list is categorized into various themes such as sports, series, news, cartoons and other categories. The number of countries with at least one channel is approximately 120, and can be found in several languages, such as English, Spanish , Italian, French and many more.

The application allows you to filter searches by country, theme, rating, favorite channels and other citerios.

InternetTV 8.1 is the latest version (updated in February 2012) of this software to watch TV that can be downloaded for free. Works with all versions of the Windows operating system.

The application is lightweight and uses few resources. The size of the executable file is only 726 KB.

Download Music Editor Free 9.2.1

Download Music Editor Free 9.2.1
Music Editor Free is a program that allows you to edit audio and music files, record sounds and also rip and burn CDs or DVDs.

Among the editing options are the possibility of arranging, retouching, mixing, eliminating noise, amplifying, equalizing, normarilizing the volume, and several other functions. You can add various effects: chorus, fade in, fade out, echo, reverb, reverse, vibrato, and more.

This editor also allows to record any type of sound, from streaming, online radios, applications, games, messaging programs that support voice chat, and so on; And also audio from external devices connected to the PC.

With Music Editor Free it is possible to cut songs to create ringtones (ringtones for the cell phone), and it is also possible to join different tracks to get a new song. It supports several audio formats: WAV, MP3, WMA and OGG, WAV, CDA, VOX, RAW, G721, G723, G726, AIF and MPC.

Music Editor Free has a very intuitive interface that facilitates its use, so that not only experts can use this software, but also users who are not accustomed to this type of audio editing programs.

Music Editor Free 2012 9.2.1 is the latest version, updated in January 2012, of this complete audio software for Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 7, which is available in Spanish, and can be downloaded for free.

Download Lotus Symphony

Download Lotus Symphony
IBM Lotus Symphony is an office software program that consists of 3 applications: Lotus Symphony Documents, Lotus Symphony Spreadsheets and Lotus Symphony Presentations. It is based on OpenOffice.org, but with an improved interface and a more professional look.

This new package, offered free of charge by IBM, is compatible with Microsoft Office, being able to open and edit Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentations. Those users accustomed to Office programs will have no problem adapting to Lotus Symphony as it is similar and has a very similar interface.

The word processor is similar to Word, and has most of the usual editing functions, in addition to many advanced functions, such as: the ability to save documents as templates, the ability to insert floating notes in documents, Support for nested tables, possibility of text selection by regions within the document, and several more functions.

As for the application to create spreadsheets, it is similar to Excel, and offers most of its functions, in addition to including a complete library of mathematical functions, and also the possibility of exporting spreadsheets to PDF format. In this edition is added a new wizard to create graphs, extremely complete and intuitive.

The presentation application is similar to PowerPoint, and allows you to open PPT files, but also allows you to create new presentations and add affects to transitions between pages. It has templates to insert tables, texts and images, having different designs, and with the possibility of personalizing them. It is possible to export presentations to the SWF format (Flash videos), which facilitates the inclusion of presentations within websites, without the need for an external application to open them.

On the official site there are more templates to add to any of the 2 applications, which include models to be used for different purposes: calendars, invoices, liquidations of expenses, and so on.

Lotus Symphony's Spanish documentation is available, explaining the main features, news, and operation of its tools.

The application is available in Spanish, being possible to add a dictionary in Spanish, to be used by the spell checker when analyzing the text.

An interesting novelty is the inclusion of a web browser within the application, which allows access to the internet to query and copy text, without leaving the processor.

IBM Lotus Symphony 3.0.1 is the latest version, which is available for Windows (Windows XP with SP3, Windows Vista with SP2 and Windows 7), Linux (SuSE 11, RedHat 5 Update 4, Ubuntu 10.04) and Mac OS ( Macintosh OS X 10.6.2, Macintosh OS X 10.7).

Download (Application) 
NOTE: Before downloading the application you need to register.

Download Nokia Software Update

Download Nokia Software Update
Nokia Software Update (NSU) is a program used to update the firmware of a Nokia phone, with the aim of adding new functions that may be available, as well as being able to add new applications and improve performance, fix errors, and so on.

The phone must be connected to the PC via the USB cable, in the same way as to transfer content using the Nokia PC Suite. The application detects the model and alerts you if updates are available for the model. For newer phones you can upgrade your phone system from the new Nokia Suite application; To do this you must select: Tools> Software update.

In the official website of Nokia can be checked in advance if there are updates available for a particular model of cell phone, but little by little will stop supporting old models, as surely the new models have Android operating system.

Nokia Software Update 3.0 is the latest available version of this Nokia mobile update software that you can download for free. The latest update supports Symbian Anna.

Works with all versions of Windows.

Download SpywareBlaster 4.6 free

Download SpywareBlaster 4.6 free
SpywareBlaster is a program that prevents spies, detecting at the time they are filtered and prevents the installation of ActiveX based spyware, adware, hijackers, dialers and other programs that can threaten the security and integrity of the system.

SpywareBlaster blocks so-called tracking cookies in both Internet Explorer and Firefox, whose purpose is to spy on the different sites by which it is navigated, in order to later display advertising related to the theme of those sites. It also blocks access to webs that can filter any of the commented elements.

It is important to emphasize that this program does not scan the system for spyware or adware, but prevents it. If we are looking to analyze possible infections we recommend Ad-aware as a complement. Both programs are free.

The program does not run in the background on a permanent basis, which helps to consume fewer resources, and does not affect the performance of the computer; But runs in conjunction with applications that require special care, as can be the case with web browsers.

SpywareBlaster 4.6 is the latest version, updated in February 2012. It improves some aspects related to the update and also has several corrections, which makes it more optimum than its previous version, in addition to obviously updating the virus definition. Works with Windows 7, Vista and XP.